I hope everyone has been enjoying the special blessings of CWR the past few weeks – Youth Pool Party, Wende and Zeger, Noah Budin and the Elders of Jazz!This Sunday will be another gangbuster in the life of the church. Christian Education at 9:30 for kids in the Youth Room and Adult Bible study in the library, abbreviated (but excellent!) Worship in the Sanctuary at 10:30, Annual CWR Picnic at Thatcher and Christy Thomas’s, 4755 SOM Center Road, Moreland Hills at 11:30, Celebration of Reid Jamieson’s life at 2:30 at Cleveland Botanical Garden, 11030 East Boulevard, Cleveland with reception following until 5pm.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to come to the picnic whether you are a founding member of cwr or whether you have checked us out only once. You are welcome to bring friends or neighbors or a buddy. If you can, bring a side dish or just come enjoy the abundance of good food. This picnic is a great way to meet folks and enjoy fellowship inside, on the deck, or at the lake. Thank you to Christy and Thatcher for your generous hospitality. I think there is special bonding that goes on around the grill so know you are welcome to be on the grill team with Thatch. All youth are invited to show up to help out as parking attendants.

We encourage people going to the Botanical Garden to carpool. You can carpool from the church to the picnic following worship and then go on to the Botanical Garden, or the Thomases have graciously offered for people to leave your vehicles at their house. If you need a ride, just let me know.

We have a wonderful mission opportunity to provide books and school supplies for Annie Amanor’s dad’s GAO Foundation in Ghana in West Africa. The collection bin is outside of the main sanctuary doors. We will only be collecting for two more Sundays through August 27. Thank you for your support. Just so you know in case you are wondering, Open Doors Academy received a federal grant for school supplies this year and so was not in need. We will be collecting Christmas gifts for Open Doors families. As always, thank you for being such a generous and hands-on church.

Thursday morning Bible Study will resume next Thursday August 24 at 10am in the Fellowship area at the church. Everyone is invited to try us out as we begin a new church year.

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We know that prayer works so let’s be in fervent prayer for all who are suffering and in harms’ way including in Korea, Guam, Charlottesville, and wherever there are human rights abuses and ignorance. Let us pray for unity, empowerment, protection, and healing, and act in ways that enable love to overcome hate, tolerance to overcome prejudice, and respect to overcome judgment and division.

Special prayers for Rob, Bruce, and Julia Jamieson and Loli Hanna as their hearts grieve more than even ours do, and prayers for God to touch with supernatural power all who are ill or hurting.

Thank you for being vessels of Christ’s Spirit and grace, and for being hands and feet of service in all the ways you put forth effort to make the world a better place.

See you Sunday if not before!

Love and prayers, Rev Sandy