Q.)Do I have to dress a certain way?
A.) Our congregation’s clothing choices reflect our diversity.  You’ll find folks in suits and dresses, while others are in jeans, khakis, or shorts.  Come as you are!

Q.)Where do my children go during worship?
A.) We have nursery care available throughout the morning for children – – infants through Kindergarten age.  Children are invited to come to worship to hear the Children’s Sermon, and then are invited to go to Children’s Church (which we call Steeple People). However, many parents choose to keep their younger children in the worship service.  We’re quite comfortable with a little noise and chaos!  Older children remain in the worship service, except for the second Sunday of each month when they are invited to participate in a hands-on mission activity.

Q.) How would you describe your worship service?
A.) Worship at Church of the Western Reserve is traditional – that is, we sing hymns (old and new) and follow a somewhat predictable order of service.  Don’t let that fool you, however!  We are also fairly informal, with worship being a “participatory” experience.

Q.) My spouse and I come from different faith backgrounds.  Will we be comfortable at Church of the Western Reserve?
A.) We hope so!  Although we are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church, USA, many of our members were raised in a different denomination.  Some of our families are interfaith.  Regardless of your background, you are likely to find someone with a similar story at Church of the Western Reserve.

Q.) Do I have to attend the worship service every week?  If I don’t, will I feel out of place?
A.) We welcome all who believe in Jesus Christ and want to share that belief and joy in the worship service with us.  While we would love for you to participate in the worship service as often as possible, and feel you personally gain the most from your experience by doing so, we certainly have no requirement about attendance.

Q.) Do you require that I ultimately join the church?
A.) Membership is not a requirement for worship at Church of the Western Reserve.  Should you have an interest in becoming a member, we invite you to learn more about us through one of our “Get to know CWR” classes, and to speak to Rev. Sandy about church membership.

Q.) Do you require that I give financially to the church?
A.) No, there is not a requirement to give.  We hope that out of gratitude to God you will want to give in many ways, to support God’s work not only in the church, but throughout the world.


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